Subscription Tracker for Notion

Stop overpaying for subscriptions. Stop having late or missed payments. Our ~automated~ subscription tracker is the perfect tool for you.
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About Template

If you:

  1. Are overpaying for subscriptions

  2. Are experiencing late or missed payments

  3. Have difficulty tracking expenses

  4. Dislike time-consuming manual tracking

Then our Subscription Tracker is perfect for you.

Key Features

  • Only set your subscription date ONCE. It will automatically calculate your next payment date.

  • Group subscriptions by categories such as business, education, entertainment.

  • Visualize spending by category.

  • Calculate monthly & yearly costs.

  • Shows total amount spent per subscription to current date, updates automatically.

  • Works with weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions

P.S. Not having a subscription tracker can result in wasted money, time and effort.

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