Meal Planner & Macro Tracker

Embrace healthy lifestyle. Forget about eating junk food and start tracking your calories & macros with ease! Presenting you Meal Planner & Macro Tracker.
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Embrace healthy lifestyle. Forget about eating junk food and start tracking your calories & macros with ease!

Are you struggling to stick with your diet? Planning to eat healthy, but can't start?

I feel you. You're not alone. Counting calories in your head doesn't work in long term.

You need solid plan and a tool for tracking everything in one place.

I got you!

Presenting you a Meal Planner & Macro Tracker.

A Notion template for tracking everything in one place.

Set your calorie & Macro goal, add your favourite meals with counted macros and track what you eat and drink everyday with ease.

Whether you want to simply track what you eat, stick to your diet or you have a certain weight goal this template is for you!

Are you ready to see the benefits of eating healthy and tracking everything in one place?

Oh, I almost forgot...

BONUS You get 18 Handpicked macro friendly meals with recipes!

What you'll get:

  • Instruction how to use this template

  • Navigation with quick links to every page

  • Daily Goals to set your Macro and calorie goals

  • Mini section for today's notes

  • Daily Tracker for tracking your daily meals, water intake and coffee cups

  • Meal Gallery, place for storing your favourite meals, drinks and everything that you consume with counted macros

  • Monthly Overview, for reflecting your month day by day and seeing if you're sticking to your goals

  • Grocery List, your on-the-go grocery list, straight forward and simple with archived section

  • Your Notes, place where you can see all of your notes written in Notes section, anytime

You can also customize this product for your needs!

Who needs this product?

  1. You!

  2. People who want to track their meals in a day

  3. People who want to stick to their diet and count their macro intake.

  4. People who want to eat healthy

  5. Anyone who is interested in healthier life.

So are you into the healthy lifestyle?

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