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Take your reading experience to the next level. Keep track of your reading progress and your favorites bookmarks and resources.
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📝 Note-Taking Methods

  • Cornell Note System

  • Capture | Create Method

AI Summary: With the AI Summary feature, Notion reads all the notes you take from your books and creates a smart summary for you. AI to your service.

Reading Progress Tracker: Keep tabs on your current books and track your progress.

Bookshelf Management: Create your virtual bookshelf with customizable categories, and easily add, remove, and sort books according to your preferences.

Detailed Book Entries: Capture important details like author, genre, and your personal ratings to create your own reading library.

Personal Reading Stats: Gain insights into your reading habits with statistics, including the number of books read, and the number of pages you have read.

Reading Notes and Quotes: Write down memorable quotes, take notes, and highlight key passages directly within the template to enhance your reading experience.

Pomodoro Timer in Notion: Master the art of time management while reading.

Capture resources & bookmarks: Take advantage of the Notion Web Clipper and capture resources with a single click. Organize them by topic or category.

Start your reading adventure today! Download our Notion Book Tracker template and embark on a journey of knowledge, imagination, and inspiration.

Happy reading!

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